Thursday, March 15, 2012

Talkin' about JRuby

I gave a talk today at hsv.rb on the subject of my book. The video, slides and code samples are below. Enjoy!

Deploying with JRuby
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  1. Nice talk. Thought I'd mention that Trinidad also has hot deploys as of version 1.1.0.

  2. Indeed, Trinidad does support hot deployment. I hope I didn't say otherwise! There is a discussion of hot deploying with Trinidad in my book.

    But Kirk supports a different kind of hot deployment, in which zero requested are missed.

  3. Great talk Joe !
    I think trinidad can also deploy .war files, but of course it's kind of a side effect :) and I'm pretty sure it kinda has a "zero downtime" thing as well although I'm not sure if Kirk is doing it better ... it certainly suffers from typical java class-loader issues (but that's not trinidad's fault).

  4. Thanks Karol. I don't usually emphasis that Trinidad can handle WAR file deployment, just to keep the story simple. But it would be more interesting if those WAR files could leverage the Trinidad extensions. Do you know if they can?

    With respect the the "zero downtime" deployment, I was under the impression that during the "takeover" process (as you linked to) there could be a few requests that are dropped. Kirk claims to avoid this by hanging on to the requests until the new version of the app has loaded. Sounds like a more detailed analysis is required, and maybe a follow on blog post :)

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